Centralized Personal Finance

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1st level thought: a dashboard of all savings and checking accounts (live balances, or prior day likely), CDs, investment accounts. This against outstanding liabilities - mortgage, auto loans, lines of credit, etc with balances, interest rates, termination dates, payment dates, others.

We can make this more ambitious and really get down to a personal balance sheet including home appraisal (Zillow?), other assets, etc. Even further, can identify or help identify certain banking transactions such as direct payroll deposit in, credit card payment out to show a proxy for "net income" over any given period of time with trending, targets and other things people have access to but likely ever take the time to aggregate. Yes, kind of like Quicken or other products, but if we can nab and make order with hopefully no ongoing work from the customer, could be a winner for some

Under consideration Suggested by: Bob Meisterling Upvoted: 09 Dec, '20 Comments: 2

Comments: 2