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Create a thorough, sophisticated personal profile based upon data imports and individual user input to connect with potential dating partners and friends. Could include data from Meyers-Briggs personality tests, movies/TV/content streaming, music streaming, sleep time/patterns/duration, activity levels/fitness level/types of activity, work hours/types of work, book interests, location and travel data, education level/areas of interest, fashion interests/consumer purchases, volunteer activity, and other material the user could input/adjust manually. This info could then be processed into a synthetic profile, or shared via encryption, such that profiles can match against each other without anybody but the individual user actually knowing specific data. Profile matches could get an overall percentage match + overlapping areas of interest matches, say a T.V. show, movie, or band each person likes, which would serve as a conversation starter. Example of Valto's microcosm social network idea

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Comments: 4

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