Books4Learning, not paper or electronic, but both: MyData IndiviDUAL, 4NextGenInternet

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It embraces FutureLibraries, NextGenInternet, MyData best context practices of personal data processing, secure & independent social media and much more...
NextGenBooks is a service for dissemination of personalized Knowledge, NextGenBook is its product: Triple-A books, free, Open Science, open source, Copyright revolutionizing.
Available in minutes locally, in unique user's need&context-relevant form-factor: audio, Large Print, dyslexia-curing...leveraging VR personal data for AR and latest Learning UX's.
It looks & feels as a 'normal' paper book, is printed on-demand in one click at '2D' ISBN.
Open Europe book / oeBook / Bœk integrates personal digital twins access Label-Button:
MyData-image-enhancement of book's ISBN (2D-printed code) makes any book unique,
for TheNakedApproach by its co-owner (member of People-Public-Private Partnership, EU Cooperative / SCE) to SmartMoney, to DispID's and many more EU benefits.

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Comments: 0