Personal ToDo list app, that clears some todo's for you automatically.

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With all the information Google has about me across all the services they provide and that I have used for years, is the value they can provide via Google Keep really all that would be possible?

Let's reimagine a smarter ToDo app.

I would imagine it being possible to initiate many suggestions and even clear some of my todo's simply by making suggestions already while I type (think of how many customer support forms work, trying to identify your question to direct you to answer directly instead of sending a customer service ticket) or analyzing multiple todos from the list to get a bigger picture of my potential need and offering suggestions. Or by asking additional questions, to better understand the need and inspire ways to solve the todo for me.

After some time of “interaction” with such ToDo app, both I and my todo app would become smarter, to the point where some of those todos could be started to cleared automatically for me. Partially or completely.

Under consideration Suggested by: Valto Upvoted: 07 Dec, '20 Comments: 2

Comments: 2