Event networking assistant

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Imagine you come to a convention center at a major conference on data. There are couple of thousand of attendees; your goals are twofold: (a) to learn about the latest developments and (b) meet new people (e.g., investors for your startup). How do you do that?
An event may have some sort of an event networking app (usually, quite crappy) which helps you to send messages to the participants. Even filtering through the attendees could be time consuming, not to mention the time needed for connecting with them.

What if there was an app that helps to connect your LinkedIn contacts, email accounts (sent emails), other social networking sites (eg connections from FB), and the event networking app from this event and previous events?

> This new kind of networking app could then automatically filter out contacts that you already know and talked to, and help you find new contacts with similar interests?
That would be so useful!

Get set, ready, build!

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Comments: 0